Is that ongoing data access with your API a cyberattack? Will someone stop it?
Can you really track how your APIs were used yesterday? Last week?

Why should you care?

APIs are the soft point in enterprise and cloud defenses.
Today, you need more than authentication and access control to guarantee the security of your API infrastructure.

    IS Exploding
  • Driven by Mobile, Cloud, Enterprise, and
    IoT applications
  • Many Undetected
    API Attacks
  • Signature and rules-based security tools do not detect API attacks.
  • No API traffic Visibility
  • No forensic reporting complicates security analyst work on analysis
    and compliance
The average time from
attack initiation to discovery was 99 days in 2016. FireEye M-Trends 2017 report
“API security vulnerabilities have been publicized... Because APIs make digital business work, securing them is essential to managing this digital risk” Paolo Malinverno et al, Research Director
Top Ten Things CIOs Need to Know About APIs and the API Economy — Gartner, 1/25/17

What to watch out for

  • API Data Attacks
  • Data Exfiltration
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
  • Data Integrity - Deletion, Change, etc.
  • Memory Injection Attacks
  • API DDoS Attacks
  • DDoS API attack
  • Login service DDoS attack
  • Cookie management service
  • Botnet attacking API
  • API Application Attacks
  • Stolen cookie / cookie poisoning
  • Probing replay and fuzzing
  • System command / application attack
  • Login credential stuffing

…and more

How we help

We bring AI-powered cyberattack protection to your API management investments

Elastic Beam API Behavioral Security software detects, reports, and stops cyberattacks on
data and applications
exposed via your APIs.

Our API Artificial Intelligence engine automatically blocks ongoing attacks whether on your
API Gateways, API Management platforms, or APIs directly on App Servers.

Reduce risk now that APIs are used to grant access to valuable assets

Stop API-based
cyberattacks in real-time

  • Automated detection of malicious
    activity by bots, hackers, and even insiders
  • Remediation automatically terminates attacks and prevents reconnections
  • No predefined policies, security rules,
    or any knowledge of attack patterns

Efficiently address compliance requirements for your business assets

Track and report
on all API activity

  • Forensic reporting provides insight
    into all historical activity linked with
    an attack
  • Compliance reporting with audit trail
    of all activity on APIs and associated
    URLs during and after login
  • Full API metrics with complete Layer 7 traffic visibility including every
    command or method used

Elastic Beam utilizes a combination of real-time and AI-powered security
to identify and block API attacks. This self-learning solution requires no signatures, security rules to program, or policies to write.

How does Elastic Beam work for you?

API behavior analytics with data science

  • Advanced mathematical modeling for accurate attack detection
  • Self-learning saves security analysts precious time as no security rules need to be written or updated
  • Adapts automatically to your changing environments

Rich forensics and compliance analysis

  • Accelerate gathering of evidence after an attack to expose all activity
  • Simplify investigations and compliance with optimized reports
  • Gain unique insight into any system activity with dashboards and
    in-depth reporting for each API

API deception and attack blocking

  • Terminate attacks automatically with AI and Machine Learning
  • Trap hackers and attack patterns before damage is done with
    API-based deception
  • Block API access based on real time validation of API traffic

Secure your API environment

Our software supports cloud-scale deployments in hybrid clouds or on-premise.
It complements existing API infrastructure to secure REST and WebSocket API transactions.