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Why API Security?

APIs are increasingly used to provide access to data, control applications or devices, and run line of business applications. They deliver economic value by making organizations more agile, permitting faster application development and enabling true interoperability.

However, APIs do represent an inherent security risk for all organizations as they make it easier for hackers and botnets to reach into business applications, data servers, and IoT control systems.

Whether deployed for internal or public consumption, APIs are being used by cybercriminals to compromise data and gain control.

Gaps in Today’s API Security

Once a hacker is in, you will not be able to detect the hacker’s presence and activities.

APIs are delivered via API Gateways, API Management platforms, or direct implementations on app servers. These platforms provide access control and other foundational services which are routinely defeated by hackers using social engineering or brute force attacks.

Once a hacker is in, you will not be able to detect the hacker’s presence and activities — no wonder the average time to detect a breach is over 3 months!

This API security gap is like not having an alarm or surveillance system to protect your business and just relying on a locked door.

Additional protection is needed to detect, report, and stop hackers’ activities.

Addressing the Gaps

Elastic Beam: Security for the API-driven economy

Elastic Beam API Behavioral Security complements your existing API deployment and closes the security gaps
  • API Artificial Intelligence detects malicious behavior and monitors all API transactions
  • A combination of real-time security and machine learning immediately blocks cyberattacks
  • Deep insight – full traffic visibility including every method or command used for API forensic and compliance reports
  • • Stolen Cookies or Tokens
  • • Probing replay and fuzzing
  • • System command / application attack
  • • Login credential stuffing
  • • DDoS API attack
  • • Login service DDoS attack
  • • Cookie management service
  • • Botnet attacking API
  • • Data Exfiltration
  • • Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
  • • Data Integrity - Deletion, Change, etc.
  • • Memory Injection Attacks

Preserving your investments

“Security that brings cyberattack protection to your existing API infrastructure to safeguard your APIs, data and applications — beyond access control.

API protocols

API management
api gateways

application servers

Elastic Beam API Behavioral Security goes beyond access control to block cyberattacks
Offering out-of-band or in-line integration, Elastic Beam requires no changes to API clients or application servers to deliver its advanced API security for:
  • APIs implemented directly on application servers
  • APIs accessed via API Management Platforms and API Gateways.

Cutting Edge AI with Strong API Intelligence

API Security at Scale for Hybrid Clouds

Identifying attacks in API traffic is a big data problem which requires sorting out millions of data points from many thousands of simultaneous sessions.

Elastic Beam API Artificial Intelligence combines advanced mathematical modeling with strong API behavioral security expertise to identify malicious activity targeting API services.

This approach delivers accurate detection of attacks - without any knowledge of attack patterns, rules, and signatures - including Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Elastic Clustering enables automated expansion to support cloud-scale API implementations.

Multi-context analytics evaluates activity from many angles including client activity, timespan, API methods and commands, applications, etc.

Adaptive attack detection — AI-powered model tunes itself over time for improved accuracy.